MFArena FAQ’s (Updated 4/2/17)

Q. What is MFArena?
A. MFArena is an Arena First Person Shooter (ArenaFPS or AFPS), that focuses on fast combat, that everyone can jump into. There’s no need to spend years developing skills just to move around, just jump in and play.

Q. How much does MFArena cost to play?
A. Nothing, totally free. The game is free to play, community based, and you can even run your own server.

Q. How are you able to develop MFArena without money or a budget?
A. MFArena is a community based project, where the community helps run the game, and is developed mainly as a hobby.

Q. What seperates MFArena from other AFPS’ers, such as QuakeLive, Reflex, Warsow and Xonotic?
A. Current AFPS’ers are currently in a mindset rut, where they focus too much on the older Quake generation, who expect Quake 3 strafe jumping (an exploit of the game engine where the player can accelerate faster than normal). While they focus mainly on movement, MFArena’s focus is on tactical combat and simple fast gameplay. Yes, those two things can go together.

Q. Does not having movement exploits like Quake 3 strafe jumping cause the game to lose depth?
A. If you’re from a game like Quake 3, and expecting Quake 3 strafe jumping, then perhaps. However, MFArena was not designed with trick movements in mind. Where, for example, Reflex expects a person to know physics exploits from Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 3. Someone new to the genre, will get overwelmed with that, and just give up. If someone insists on wanting physics exploits in MFArena, they can enable a mode called “ProMode”, which allows the player to choose between physics from either QuakeWorld or Quake 3. Regardless, MFArena is designed for everybody, and for everybody to have fun.

Q. Why does the ArenaFPS community frown towards this game?
A. Most of the AFPS crowd comes from and currently migrates in QuakeLive, where they’re use to the physics and the feel of that game. Sadly, they only know how to play using physics exploits, and shooting a Railgun. MFArena was not designed with physics exploits in mind, and there is no Railgun. So I expect those players to not accept MFArena, mainly because since they spent years developing their skills for QuakeLive, they feel they’re entitles to dictate how and what an AFPS should be about. Regardless, QuakeLive players will remain in that game, until that game shuts down, and I’d be wasting my time trying to convince those players to play MFArena. Not to mention, the demographic of those players gets dwarfed by other games very quickly. No point in trying to get such a small population. Haters will be haters.

Q. Why no Railgun?
A. Because every other AFPS has one. No point in following a herd of sheep.

Q. Is there a reason MFArena is not on a real web page?
A. Server hosting costs money, and when I’m certain that people will have an interest and start playing MFArena, I will consider a web server.

Q. So-and-so weapon is overpowered, and so-and-so weapon is underpowered. When can you fix this?
A. When more people play the game, we can get a feel on how each weapon plays in the game. If changes need to be made, then expect changes.

Q. Can I request a feature?
A. Feel free to post it on the forum. The worst thing that can happen, is that I’ll reject the idea with reason. Unlike some game devs, I do listen to the player-base.

Q. There are no players? Why?
A. MFArena is an alpha game that’s still being developed, and has not engaged in advertising as of yet. Currently, there’s not much of an visual appeal, though the gameplay is intact. Best thing you can do, is bring some of your friends in to play a few games. Heck, you may even see me jump in to play as well.

Q. Why not add the map Aerowalk?
A. Aerowalk is a non-free asset. Unless the owner of that map wants to bring it to MFArena, don’t expect that map in the base game. Regardless, this does not prevent someone from converting the map, for it to work in MFArena as a custom map.

Q. Will MFArena be released on Steam?
A. I’m open for it to be released on Steam, but do want the game to be played without the requirement to have Steam.

Q. Will there be game stats that are recorded, and will rank players, like with QLRanks?
A. I can add such a feature, but a ranking system will rely of the community. I can only supply the code.

Q. How come MFArena doesn’t have many updates per year?
A. Currently, there’s only one active dev for this game, and that dev is me. Coding, textures, models (what can be made), sounds, are all done by me. Unless someone wants to give a hand, expect progress to be slow.

Q. What needs to be done to increase MFArena’s development productivity?
A. Currently, coders are needed, and people who can design models via opensourced tools such as blender.

Q. Is MFArena a joke?
A. If it was, it would have to be one of the longest running jokes in the world.

Q. What’s the “ruleset” all about
A. This is a standardized system MFArena uses to keep the gameplay consistant, and not confuse players over what setting are set to what. The following list will describe what each ruleset does:

  • 1/Standard – This is the standard ruleset for basic gameplay, which includes weapon-stay (weapons will not despawn after pick up), keycards will not despawn on pickup, you cannot drop weapons, and you can see your teammates on the minimap in team games. Respawning after getting fragged will be based on the farthest spawn points from getting fragged.
  • 2/Hardcore – This is a more advanced ruleset which add an element of controling an area of a map by denying weapons. That being said, weapon-stay and keycard-stay will be off, and you can drop weapons, but you canNOT see your teammates on the mini map. Respawning will be totally random, and not based on where you get fragged.
  • 3/Nightmare! – This is just like Hardcore, but with quadmode on. In other words, everyone has quad-damage.
  • 4/Arena – You start with most if not all weapons, but will not have infinite ammo. Because of that, you’ll still need to pick up ammo. Also, self-damage and friendly-fire are both disabled, not to mention, you start with 200 health and 200 red armor.
  • 5/Rocket Maniax – Rockets only, no other weapons will be available.

Q. Why can’t MFArena run Quake 3 maps as-is?
A. MFArena is not Quake 3, and there are alot of things that are different between the two games. For the most part, some Quake 3 weapons are not available in MFArena, some items will not be available, not to mention there are no Quake 3 textures in MFArena. I rather support the further development of MFArena than waste time supporting something that simply will not work correctly as designed in the first place. This is also why the map “BSP” version is different in MFArena than Quake 3. If you want a Quake 3 in MFArena, either you or the community will have to port/convert it over.

Q. Why does MFArena use Matrix as the official chat channel and not Discord, since Discord is designed for gaming communities?
A. Due to two reasons. One is that Discord has that annoying Captcha that takes ages for me to pass. Many times, I cannot get past the Captcha to login. Second is the fact the current communities for the ArenaFPS genre seem to be totally closed minded, and only care about “their” game, rather than trying something new. Trying to get games started seems to fall onto deaf ears (no one responds). Hell, can’t even get people to join the MFArena discord channel. That being said, I rather not waste my time with communities that are closed minded.