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Current version: 18.3.2 (Aplha)

  • Fast FPS action
  • Free to play, free to mod
  • Two movement styles for new-age players and FPS veterans from the 90’s
  • No micro-transactions, rename yourself in-game at no extra charge
  • Actual download, no requirement to have Steam

MFArena is an underground Arena First Person Shooter, that’s being developed as a multiplayer game. Bringing all of the action and fun from Quake 1 through 3, and even bits of Doom. No need to worry about spending years to perfect movement. Tactics, reflex, and aim are the key to have fun.

MFArena is based on a fork of the IDTech3 engine, known as IOQuake3. This current engine focuses on using updated technology to enhance the best out of the IDTech3 engine.

Notice: Do note that this is an alpha release, expect features to be incomplete or not implemented.
Caution: MFArena is not designed for E-Sports, and does not cater to giant AAA-game corporations and their money making schemes. If you’re expecting to make big bucks with this game, please head the other direction. 👌

MFArena Information:

Downloads for MFArena:

FULL DOWNLOAD [Mega] <- Download this
File Name =
sha1sum = 4e665a8cc3701d48447f3ff24fe13288b049367d
md5sum = 995b822b855bbd17e14d4e44c77f32bd


  1. Move ‘ZIP’ file to desired location, and unzip the ‘ZIP’ file to that directory. Make sure you have permission to run executables in that directory, otherwise don’t expect to have much fun.
  2. Launch “mfarena.x86_64” for 64-bit Linux, “mfarena.x86.exe” for 32-bit Windows, or “mfarena.x86_64.exe” for 64-bit Windows. Sorry Mac users, no idea how to cross compile from Linux to Macs.
  3. Bring some friends in the game, might get a bit lonely by yourself.

Note: If you experience any errors, such as the wonderful “Couldn’t load default.cfg” message, be sure to report them in the MFArena matrix channel. When you do, please include your system specs (such as your OS), your method of installation, and method of executing the game. Thank you.

  • If you never played MFArena before, then you download this.
  • Be sure to install into a clean directory that you have permission to execute the game in.
  • Server(s) empty? Bring a friend or two, the more the better. :)
Patch Upgrade from 18.2 and 18.3 [Mega]
File Name =
sha1sum = 07137ae22d045469d4aea7dc9f4fb710cdc37419
md5sum = 1444add5c673e80d511153e986e58612

  1. This is the update patch version release.
  2. If you have version 18.2 or 18.3, then you can download this instead.
  3. Then extract the zip file where you extracted 18.2 or 18.3, and allow to overwrite files.
Source Code [Mega]
File Name =
sha1sum = a28bd421df4c4f898fa51f68996b0fa78558d23b
md5sum = aaf3d45386f8730b3c4e04041687564d

  • This is the source to compile the engine and such.
  • If you have no clue what this is, don’t download it, use the download from the first link above.
MFArena Starters Guide (Revision 151220)

A quick basic guide to getting started with MFArena, some what outdated, but still useful.
Server config template (Revision 191011)
sha1sum = e74a60c753cb5b6573388d800556b89f12e8ce51
md5sum = 5511402132819bed26fd883dd00e21be

If you’re interested in running a MFArena server, but don’t want to create a whole config from scratch… Just plop this in your home ‘basemf’ directory, and edit as you see fit.

You can use the following to start that server (assuming you’re in Linux):
./mfaded.x86_64 +set dedicated 2 +set net_port 27960 +exec "sv_init.cfg"

Current issues as of release:

– Some people getting the “couldn’t find default.cfg” error message. Not sure why that’s happening, I will continue to look into it. However, if you could, be sure to report them in the MFArena Matrix channel. When you do, please include your system specs (such as your OS), your method of installation, and method of executing the game. Thank you.
– Players mentioned that the cursor would not appear, when they’re in windowed mode with the console pulled down. I have yet to confirm this.
– Players that are muted for spamming, can evade the mute status by reconnecting. This will be fixed some point in a future update.

Misc game links and info:

Chat Room – MFArena also has a matrix chat room. You can use the Riot web client, create an account, type in on the directory bar, and click join.
MFArena dedicated server guide (Download) *OUTDATED* – Quick guide on starting up a server. No MFArena servers? Help by creating one. Revised 6/28/15.

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