MFArena 18.3.2 and Megapong build 200525 released

There are two minor maintenance updates released, meant to fix outstanding issues.

MFArena 18.3.2 was updated with updated builds for Windows (finally). This is NOT a mandatory update, and if you currently have MFArena 18.3 or 18.3.1, you don’t need to update. This is for newer players from Windows who haven’t installed MFArena yet.

Also, Megapong has been updated after 5 years since its last build. This update correctly initializes the VRAM, which otherwise would have the possibility to start with a misaligned and messy screen. Also audio samples were removed which has no impact on the game since only the PSG audio was used, but did allow for the ROM image to be reduced in size.

Grab them in the download section.