Steps to have better documentation in MFArena

One thing I always lagged behind on in anything I develop, is documentation. I conducted a poll in the MFArena Matrix chat room, and asked what documentation should be worked on. With a total response of 1 suggestion, it was installation. Indeed that should be the first step in the documentation department.

Right now, there is only information on installing the game for Linux, but in a non-Linux way of doing things. In matter of fact, this would normally be the Windows way of doing things. I would like to target all platforms, including Mac-OS, which I could give step-by-step instructions on to install on each OS, including compiling from source.

While I plan on this, any feedback is welcome in the MFArena Matrix channel.

On a side note, I was able to log in to Discord again and get past Google’s ReCaptcha. While I am currently active in Discord again, you can use the MFArena Discord channel, but note that the Matrix channel will still be the main channel, in case Google decides to make their ReCaptcha unbeatable again.

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