MFArena Alpha 18.3 released

MFArena Alpha has been updated to 18.3. Here is the update log:

Update 191011 (Alpha 18.3)
- Rulesets after 4 that were not voteable before, are now voteable
- As per above, the "admin ruleset" command is also fixed
- Call-voting now checks if a value is entered
- Map specific matchmode overrides no longer prevent special weapon loadout modes (IE: rocket maniax)
- An effect is now visable when discharging the Lightning Gun
- Gametype Bomb is now made playable, where this gametype has a bomb placed in the middle of a map (namely one with team bases), and must be brought to the enemy's base, thus the player sacrificing themselves to score a point for their team
- Score and damage plum now display a different range of colors
- The lag-o-meter (cg_lagometer) can now hide when playing a local game, cvar "cg_lagometer" must be set to "2" (new default)
- If all of the players on a team carry the same clan tag, that tag will be displayed on the score board for that team
- Disabling handicaps is now possible via cvar "g_allowHandicaps" and callvote
- Added admin command to force a player to a team (admin forceteam [player] [team])
- Fixed long standing issue of listing clients in console not listing anything
- Minor graphical adjustments to some maps that don't affect gameplay

Downloads are in the MFArena download page. Enjoy.

As I mentioned in the last post, I will be taking a break from MFArena for a while. If anyone is interested in being a developer for MFArena, please shoot me a message on the MFArena Matrix channel.

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