I am not a robot… Discord?

I’ve been meeting people who have been asking me to join Discord. But the thing is, I do have a Discord account. The problem is that Discord (the company) chooses to use an asinine strict setting on the Captcha which of course comes from Google. Due to this, I cannot connect to my own account.

Just for fun, I attempted to get past one of those Captcha’s again. The results was interesting after 10 minutes:

Broken Captcha

If you want me to join your Discord channel, please educate Discord (the devs) on why it’s not a good idea to set Captcha to a very strict setting, and perhaps look for a less intrusive alternative. Until then, your best bet is to contact me on a much more open platform such as Matrix. The funny story with Matrix, is that they also use a Captcha. However, what I found is that this is a one time thing, where Discord will bring one up on every different IP address you connect with. A poor decision that prevents a dev like me from communicating with others. :(