MFArena Alpha 18.2 released

MFArena Alpha has been updated to 18.2. Here is the update log:

Update 190413 (Alpha 18.2)
- Added map "MFBASES02: Deadly Tribes", a map with bases good for Capture The Flag
- Added new gametype Simple Capture The Flag, which is more based on Quake 3's CTF, without counting frags towards the scores. Flag captures will add 1 point to the score
- Redid the restricted physics mode, so movement will be more like Doom... Expect more fun
- Fixed a missing texture in MFDM05
- Added rails to MFMASS01's on the Red Armor/Super Shotgun structure
- Canned health items (health bits, 5 health) no longer go over 100 health... Backpacks however still will allow to go over 100 health
- Torches look a bit nicer
- Really fixed the empty server maintenance function, where player count check no longer counts bots
- Added command "dropObjective", to use in team objective game types such as capture the flag, namely to drop that objective such as a flag
- Increased item's bounds box to make it harder to jump over them... No! This is a good thing!
- Added one new match mode, that being "Classic Combo" loadouts, giving all players the rocket launcher and lightning gun with infinite rockets and cells
- Addition to the above, one new rule set was added called "Unholy Bullshit" which will use the "Classic Combo" loadouts match mode option
- Server browser now shows servers running older sub-versions of MFArena, however servers running MFArena a full version behind will still not be shown
- Added a new cvar (g_testGametypes) to allow or disallow voting for unfinished gametypes*

* There are currently two unfinished gametypes you can vote for, which are now disabled by default. These two gametypes are "All Against One" (AA1), and the simply titled "Bomb". Other than voting, these gametypes can be selected, but voting for those gametypes are dictated by cvar "g_testGametypes", where a non-zero value will allow the two unfinished gametypes to be voted on. The reason these gametypes are disabled by default, are the fact that the gametypes are unfinished, and there may be game breaking bugs that have not been discovered yet. Both gametypes are indeed playable.

Not to brag, but I do believe that MFArena had more updates in a matter of two years, than OpenArena had within a decade... Just saying, coming from just a one person team

You can thank this “happy little accident” for the motivation to make this update. Downloads are in the MFArena download page. Enjoy.

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