MFArena Alpha 18.1 Released

MFArena Alpha 18.1 has been released. Grab’em while they’re hot. Of course instructions are on the download page.

Update is as followed:

  • Fixed the empty server maintenance function, where player count check no longer counts bots
  • Removed extra fall damage when ducking
  • Better explosions
  • Gibs make more splat noises
  • Shells that drops when firing shotguns and chainguns now make a sound
  • Chaingun slightly changed, fire rate dropped, but damage gone up, mainly done for server performance
  • Flamethrower was slightly nerfed, though was done mainly for server performance… you won’t notice a thing though, still OP-AF
  • Added two new match modes, random loadouts (players are stuck with the same random weapons for the whole map) and “combat” loadouts (shotgun and chaingun with limited ammo)
  • Addition to the above, two new rule sets were added, which use each of the new match modes
  • Carnage counter/tracker (“YES!”, “GREAT!”, etc.) stays active for 5 seconds now (up from 3)
  • The announcer gives its condolences to the player that gets fragged while in the middle of causing a carnage spree
  • The item pick-up indicator was updated to reset the multiple item counts when the map restarts (warm up ending), and when the indicator clears out
  • Two maps were added, “MFDM09: Deadly Halls” and “MFDM13: Deadly Fucking Grid” (TRU-PHACT: MFDM13 was planned to be another small arena map (MFARENA##))
  • MFDM11 had the ledge for the “leap of faith to the floating teleporter” extended a bit, and another health kit was added somewhere… I forgot where
  • MFDM05 now has the super shotgun locked behind a gate by the grenade launcher in the ammo warehouse
  • Also, MFDM05 also has another jacket armor by the canned health crates, along with a bit more health in the water
  • Finally, bots can now climb up from the ladders in MFDM05 (still using the bot clip trick, bots have no idea how to climb ladders… sad)
  • Some mini-map clean ups, don’t ask me which ones though, I don’t recall

Hopefully, people will start playing MFArena more, since the rocket explosions no longer look like art made in Paint. (Wish people knew what “placeholder” meant)

Many thanks goes to ccCam for running the EU server. Look forward to seeing you guys in-game.

Downloads are in the MFArena download page. Enjoy.

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