MFArena duel cup announcement


MFArena will have a cup next month November 23rd through the 25th, however there is no prize money. Yes, quite shocking something that doesn’t have a budget, won’t have prize money. The prize will instead be the winner having a say in the next official map design (restrictions apply).

Currently, the working format is for an 8-player double elimination duel cup to determine the winner. As for determining placement, a free-for-all match will take place, which will determine the top 8 players.


Map pool will consist of “MFDM03”, “MFDM06”, “MFDM07”, “MFDM09”, “MFDM010”, “MFDM011” and “MFDM012”. For the placement match, “MFMASS01” will be used. Map picking will simply use the “drop-drop-pick-pick” system. Details are still being worked on, and receiving input from the community of the best system. At the moment, the “winner’s” bracket will be best-of-3, and the “loser’s” bracket will be best-of-1. Grand finals will be best-of-5, and then best-of-3 on a bracket reset. Note that this can change, and input from the community would be appreciated.

Certain settings such as “promode”, “ruleset” and “matchmode” are to be determined. Since this will be a duel cup, the rules that are set in stone are the “timelimit” being set to 10 minutes, and no “scorelimit”.

Stay tuned for more information, and join the MFArena chat room.