Some information on items respawns in MFArena

Just like any Arena-FPS, one of the major skills to master is item timing. Every Quake game (even Quake Champions) requires knowledge of when items respawn to control them. MFArena is no exception. Since the items in MFArena are based off of Quake 1’s items, there will be many similarities. Each armor tier in MFArena has a different respawn time, Mega Health only respawns when the player holding it loses it. To make things a bit easier to understand, the following table has been made:

Weapons Weapon-stay off:
15 seconds in FFA and CTF
30 seconds in DUEL and TDM
Ammo Weapon-stay on:
15 seconds

Weapon-stay off:
30 seconds

Health Kits (5, 15 and 25) 25 seconds
Mega Health (100) 30 seconds after person loses the mega health (note there can be more than one mega health kits in the map, and will independently act as their own in terms of respawning)
Armor 15 seconds for shards (5)
15 seconds for green (100, lv. 1 armor)
20 seconds for yellow (150, lv. 2 armor)
25 seconds for red (200, lv. 3 armor)
Keycards Keycard-stay off:
30 seconds
Quad Damage 150 seconds (2 and a half minutes)
Pentagram of Protection 300 seconds (5 minutes)
Ring of Shadows 300 seconds (5 minutes)

As you can see, there are many items to time. While it’s not expected that people will keep track of every single item via the game clock. Instead, the idea is get people to develop a feel (or instinct) of when items will respawn mainly by feel. Also, this will make it harder for a player that’s in control to create a route that will easily net them the next item respawn. This I founds was a major issue in Quake 3 and QuakeLive.

Hopefully, this will give some insight on item respawns, and will set a path for some high level gameplay.