Service changes for chat room and source code repository

There has been some change in the past few weeks, sadly I’ve been a bit busy to post in a timely manner. That being said, there are changes to two of the services that are used for the MFArena project.

First, while the Matrix service is the main chat service for MFArena, there’s also a Discord channel as well. However lately, the service has started using the Captcha system from Google. I’ve been struggling to get past the verification from that, which resulted in frustration. Do note that the Captcha will come up again when my IP address change (there are reasons for this, don’t bother asking). It seems to also has issues such as the service timing out, and getting stuck after clicking on the “verify” button. I’ve pretty much given up on bothering with Discord, and I encourage people currently on the MFArena Discord channel to move to the main MFArena Matrix channel (

Second and lastly, the source code repository for MFArena is now located at GitLab. Not much to say about that.