MFArena Alpha 18.0 Released

MFArena Alpha 18.0 has been released. Do note that this is a full release, and not a patch update. Make sure to install in a clean directory. For those who downloaded and tested the test releases, be sure to remove the test PK3’s from your local “basemf” directory. More instructions on the download page.

As noted in the previous post, I was not able to compile a build for Windows. This is not due to any fault in the game code, just something on my end. As soon as I get things squared away, I’ll release binaries for Windows. For now, you can download the game and source, in which you can compile the source to get the engine binaries. What? You don’t want to compile binaries? You’ll spend countless hours perfecting your movement in Quake, but not compile silly code? XD

Update is as followed:

  • Lightning gun had a slight buff, but mathematically does the same damage per second, just the ammo doesn’t get used up as fast
  • Players no longer slow down walking down stairs in restricted physics mode
  • Fixed dropping ammo when not suppose to in arena and rocket mode rule sets
  • Option to flash teammates or enemies white
  • Minor HUD changes and fixes
  • Server browser works again
  • Setting color to player in settings now updates as intended
  • Minor clean ups and coding error fix ups
  • New map “MFDM11: Deadly Shrine”
  • Every map had some minor tweak, though not affecting game play and may not even be noticed

Many thanks goes to ccCam for running the EU server, and zturtleman for jumping in to offer fixes for many issues.

Downloads are in the MFArena download page. Enjoy.

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