MFArena Alpha 18.0, release coming soon… but there’s an issue

Expect MFArena 18.0 to be released soon. However, there’s an issue that affects Windows users, in which I’m currently having issues compiling a Windows binary via “mingw”.

Here’s the error message in question:

In file included from /usr/share/mingw-w64/include/time.h:293:0,
                from code/asm/../qcommon/q_shared.h:154,
                from code/asm/snapvector.c:24:
/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/sys/timeb.h:21:22: fatal error: features.h: No such file or directory
 #include <features.h>

I’ve searched for information on what would cause this, and I’m sure it comes down to a lib install. However, I can’t figure which though, and searching leaves little results. I’ve tested the latest IOQuake3 as well, and get the same result, so it’s not an IOQuake3 issue. Debian 9 is the Distro used to compile the game, and I do have the option to use Arch Linux, in which I will attempt to go that path in a day or two.

My time is also limited, so I can’t spend hours examining this issue. So, for those on Windows interested in giving a hand, feel free to jump in and help. I’m always thankful for help. Otherwise, the upcoming release of MFArena will be a Linux only release.

4 Comments on “MFArena Alpha 18.0, release coming soon… but there’s an issue”

  1. It seems like you’re missing one of the Debian packages that provides timeb.h for mingw-w64. Have you installed the “mingw-w64” package? I think it should pull in the three mingw-w64 packages that contain timeb.h.

    Compiling MFArena using mingw-w64 on Debian 8 and 9 works for me.

  2. Metro-MP says:

    mingw-w64 is already the newest version (5.0.1-1)

    I made sure I had every package needed, even ones I was sure I didn’t need. Only noticed this earlier this week. Oddly, I never had any issue in Debian 8/Jessie. I was lead to “timeb.h” of course. There’s something I’m missing, just need time to figure this one out, in which search engines failed to give much in hints. Regardless, it’s good that it’s an issue that seems to be on my side. :)

    • Metro-MP says:

      Well, still no progress. The more I search, the more it looks like an isolated issue. I may just have to try to see if I can compile in Arch Linux, since I’m not willing to reinstall my whole system again (this year). Sadly, it looks like I have to compile mingw and such in Arch Linux, such a pain.

      BTW, I’m compiling it with “PLATFORM=mingw64 ARCH=x86_64 make -j4”. Is that how you compiled it?

      • Metro-MP says:

        Final update. I installed Xubuntu on a spare flash drive, and did manage to create binaries for Windows. Still would like to figure out why I’m having this issue with Debian, but seems I always have issues with Debian regardless. :P

        Thanks for your help on confirming this was an issue on my side, otherwise I’d still be searching to see if this was a common issue. :)

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