Information for players coming from QuakeWorld, Quake 3 and other AFPS games, trying to play MFArena

Seeing some people been wanting to play MFArena, I figured players coming from QuakeWorld, Quake 3 and other AFPS games might want to know the differences between those games, and MFArena. I’ll mostly cover people coming from QuakeWorld and Quake 3, but this can apply to other games as well.

First, let’s cover the in-game screen, using the default HUD settings.

Game screen

Game screen.

Starting from the top right, you have the match status information. Featuring the time left in a match, current scores (or top 2 players in the Free For All Death Match), and warm-up/round information (will be available in the next update).

Directly at the bottom center, is the player’s health and armor information. You’ll also notice some level indicators. The level number on the left represents the damage level a player can deal (not counting quad damage). The player starts on level 1, and will increase the level based on the damage output dealt to the enemy, in which every 256 points of damage will increase a level. The maximum level a player can get up to is level 5, which will do an extra 50% of damage. You’ll return back to level 1 when you get killed, so make every shot count. The level number of the right, indicates the tier of armor the player has. Level 1 (green) armor will protect the player from 30% of all damage received. Level 2 (yellow) armor protection will be 60%, while level 3 (red) armor protection is 80%. A player holding a higher tiered armor will not be able to pickup armor of a lower tier, unless the total protection of the currently held armor is less than the one that’s a lower tier can do. If the server has “promode” enabled, you’ll either see the letter “W” or “A” in the center of all of that. This is your current physics mode, W-mode being physics based on the physics from QuakeWorld, and A-mode which will be based on Quake 3 physics. Again, this is when “promode” is enabled on the server, which can be enabled by a vote, or an administrator setting command variable “g_promode” to 1. Assigning the “Special” button (in the controls settings) to a button or key, will allow the player to switch between these physics modes. People from Quake 1/QuakeWorld, will most likely want to be in W-mode, while players from Quake 3, will want A-mode. Quite a bit of a write-up, just for a little segment of information.

Now, on the bottom left corner, you got the mini-map. Depending on the ruleset, when the ruleset is set to “Normal”, you can see indications of where your teammate are located in team games. Very useful when you don’t want to kill your teammates.

Finally, on the left center, is your weapon information bar. Contains which weapon you have, and the amount of ammo you’re holding. Boxes flashing red indicates low ammo, while boxes that are black with a red number 0, indicates that there is no ammo for that/those weapon(s).

So, we’ve covered all of the information on the in-game HUD. Let’s go on to the difference between this game and both QuakeWorld and Quake 3.

People from QuakeWorld will understand how weapons tend to share ammo, and how the tiered armor works. Splash damage knockback is huge compared to Quake 1 and QuakeWorld. Maps like Aerowalk and Bloodrun (ZTNDM3) will not play as intended, due to the massive splash knockback. For example, you can rocket jump from the bottom of the center room in Aerowalk, and make it up to the top platform. This will most likely apply to the Quake 3 remake of Aerowalk as well. You also jump a bit higher, where (let’s say) in the map Bloodrun (ZTNDM3), you can jump on the red armor platform from either way, where you’d normally need to be coming from the higher platform, or simply rocket jump there. Weapons are quite different, where in Quake 1/QuakeWorld, there are only two strong weapons. MFArena has a lot of strong weapons, each one over-powered than the next. Rocket launcher is pretty much the same, where splash (namely from QuakeWorld) and damage is unchanged, where the (regular) shotgun is way more powerful, and can do 60 damage max.

People from Quake 3 will need to understand how weapons share ammo, and the fact, that quad damage does . . . well, quad damage (4 times damage). Assuming the server has promode set, you’ll need to hit the “Special” button to toggle between W-mode and A-mode. You’ll want A-mode. Unlike Quake 3, weapons are powerful, and will spawn kill, or kill in one shot. The rocket launcher will be much stronger, but can be countered by the long ranger hit-scan weapons, such as the chaingun, and super shotgun, which can do a max of 180 damage! Armor will be tier as mentioned before, pretty much like CPMA, but red armor being strong, and green armor being almost useless. In the “normal” ruleset, weapons will be in what’s called “weapon-stay” mode. When you pick up a weapon, they will not despawn, and will always be there to be picked up. That being said, you cannot pick them up again if you already have that weapon. Lightning gun can be discharged in water, killing everyone close by, and in-sight. Mainly useful in the map Deadly Docks (MFDM05). The power-up “Pentagram Of Protection” will protect the player from ALL damage, including telefrags, in which the person attempting to telefrag will instead get telefragged themselves. Armor can still be damaged, but other than that, they’re invulnerable. If you see someone glowing an electric red halo, you’ll need to avoid them at all cost.

Of course, somewhere earlier, I mentioned promode. By default, it’s off, and the acceleration exploits known in Quake games are not available. Of course, this is designed for people who can’t spend most of their life, mastering movement. ‘Us’ players who known these exploits for a long time and uses them gracefully, will most likely want promode enabled.

Keycards, many will be reminded of Doom, or Quake 1. Heck, the QuakeLive map Elder has a key. MFArena has 3 keycards, red, blue and yellow, and yes, there are locked doors. The player will need to look for a keycard to open a locked door. Currently, only one map has locked doors that require a keycard.

The “Capture The Flag” game type scoring is based somewhat on the “ThreeWave” CTF mod. Captures award the team 15 times the amount of enemy players, plus 15 points or (15 × numOfEnemies) + 15. Frags and flag returns are also counted with the team score, so a match can be won without captures, but that’d be a bit tough.

I’m sure there’s other things I missed, but that’s pretty much a quick overview. Hopefully, this helps some people coming from QuakeWorld, Quake 3 and other AFPS games.

UPDATE 8/27/17: The multiplier used in CTF went down from 25 to 15, and the fact only one map now has doors locked requiring a keycard.